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Shareholder Acquisition

How to add 10,000 new shareholders

Is it possible to use investor relations marketing campaigns to attract 10,000 new shareholders?

Yes, says Bill Kaitz of Promethean Marketing with the caveat that there are good & bad ways to go about marketing a public company. In this conversation he shares what he’s learned in his nearly 20-years experience working with public companies. including shareholder acquisition metrics, effective vs ineffective strategy, and more.
He emphasizes the difference between what is commonly thought of as “stock promotion “campaigns vs. shareholder acquisition strategies. While all marketing of a public company security falls under the regulations regarding stock promotion there are fundamentally different approaches to leveraging marketing to attract shareholders.

That difference is the central issue in our conversation. 

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Financial Copywriting

Gold Stories Investors Buy

Home The Investor Marketing Report Gold Stories Investors Buy Brien Lundin, publisher of the Gold Newsletter and organizer of the legendary New Orleans Investment Conference

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Shareholder Acquisition

How CEOs use LinkedIn to engage investors

LinkedIn is used by over 800 million professionals worldwide who use it to expand their business networks and build their careers.

Of all the social media platforms LinkedIn is one of the only places you can specifically search out and find investors of all stripes.

As Seth Farbman points out in this conversation, “Historically the way for CEOs and management teams to get in front of investors was to go to a conference… but imagine you could give a TED talk to 5,000 of your perfect target audience five days a week.” 

That’s the analogy of the size of opportunity that intelligent use of LinkedIn can deliver to management teams.

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